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  • WapKiz | Add Banner Ads Between Files in Filelist

    WapKiz | Add Banner Ads Between Files in Filelist

    Add Banner Ads in filelist to increase your earnings. There are many advertisement sites which provides banner ads. Adding the banner ads between files you can earn more. See Demo: http://wapmash2.wapkiz.com/page-category/1/unplugged-song/idn/10/1.html Check the below tags/codes and follow the steps to add banner ads between files on your site. This function, adding banner ads between files […]

  • How to add cloudflare to your wapkiz site

    CloudFlare is a useful tool to enhance site performance, accelerate the access speed and improve the visitors’ experience. However, many people are still knowing little about it. For them, we have composed the article below, introducing in detail on what CloudFlare is and what it can do for you. What Is CloudFlare? CloudFlare is an […]

  • Wapkiz Date and Time Format

    Add Date and Time in wapkiz by this ::date=FORMAT:: tag. With the help of this tag you can add date/time anywhere in wapkiz site.   Below is list of Date/Time Format [table id=1 /] Example: The above tag will display date as below format Any help and support comment below. Thank you !

  • How To Create Auto Update Sitemap for Wapkiz Site

    Note. This post is related only with Wapkiz. To submit your wap pages to several search engine (google, yahoo, yandex, etc.), you need to add Sitemap. What is a sitemap? A sitemap is a file where you provide information about the pages, videos, and other files on your site, and the relationships between them. Search engines […]

  • How to add wapkiz site in google using mobile

    To know more about wapkiz Click Here After creating an wapkiz site, You should add your site to google. Google is the best platform to get traffic (visitors) to your site. So, Lets check how to add your wapkiz site to google. Here is the brief details with pictures how can you add your site […]

  • Wapkiz Direct File Download Code

    The Default wapkiz download tag is %link% , to download files from wapkiz site. But when you download files from wapkiz site, It will redirect you to an another page containing wapkiz ad. You can’t edit this page. So How you disable this page. Lets check  ↓ Replace %link% by this below code Note. You […]

  • How To Create Random Mp3 File List In Wapkiz

    Wapkiz is an awesome wapbuilder to build your own wapsite. With the help of Html and some tag code you can start your free wapsite there. To know more about wapkiz Click Here. In wapkiz you can create your music site for free as there is a File Manager to store your files. Wow Thats […]

  • Build your Free Wapsite with Wapkiz.com

    What is Wapkiz.com? Wapkiz is a free wapsite builder, where you can create your own free wapsite absolutely free. You don’t have to pay any charge for that as other hosting site. With Html / Javascript And Plenty Of Tags Code you can create any type of site. But it’s best for music download site. […]

  • Top 10 Amazing Website That You Never Knew Exist

    We all surf Internet daily where we regularly visit websites which are known to us or popular. Sometimes we come across a website which offers us a bit of information. We often bookmark such website and let everybody in our social circles know about it. But such websites are rare to come by, hence ClaimTrick […]

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