4 Ways to choose Niche for Affiliate Marketing

If you’re having trouble deciding on a website category, A list of possible website categories has been created by the wapmash research team. Along with some advice on how to choose an affiliate niche that’s perfect for you, so you can start making money by affiliate marketing.

As more and more websites enter the market, I think there are many people who want to make money by targeting a “secret or different niche“.

However, even if you choose a genre properly, you will not be able to earn money, so it is important to first understand with an example.

Choose a specialty first! Recognize your own strengths!

When competing on a personal blog, we should understand the “personal blog’s strength.”

The following instructions will show you how to know Strengths of personal blogs:

  • Based on actual experience, you can write articles from an overwhelming user perspective.
  • Subjective and negative opinions are also stated honestly.
  • Even for niche needs that companies do not touch, the profit level will be sufficient.
  • Individuals have an advantage in attracting customers using social Media and YouTube.

You should know that “even if the niche demands that the industry doesn’t touch are a sufficient profit level”!

When I was actually running a personal blog, the traffic was very low, and articles I wrote in niche areas were actually the most profitable in the affiliate marketing industry.

Companies don’t want to write these keywords because they have a bad cost performance, but when they write them, they can make a surprising amount of money.

The point is that if you understand the strengths of personal blogs and the strengths of the information you write out, and if you can choose a “place that is advantageous to you,” you can aim for profits regardless of topic.

Below, we will introduce three important points for choosing a place that is advantageous to you and standing at the starting line of monetization.

3 Points to focus on your niche site

When choosing a affiliate niche, the following three things should be kept at a minimum.

  1. Can you demonstrate your expertise?
  2. Can you continue,
  3. Is there a market,

1: Can you demonstrate your expertise?

 “Can write your own information” is very important in choosing a perfect niche.

Because being able to write articles that are useful to users increases the likelihood that they will be evaluated by both Google and users.

For example, in my case, I am delivering useful information about blogs based on “people in our site (wapmash.xyz)” + “experience of operating hundreds of thousands traffic sites in the past”.

As a result, we have more opportunities to receive thank-you comments from readers, improved our search ranking, and have grown into a medium that can be read hundreds of thousands of times a month.

2: Can you continue?

It takes at least half a year to a year to monetize a blog, so it’s very important to ask, “Can I continue?”

If you choose a genre that you are not interested in because you are only concerned about high unit prices, you will suffer from the gap between “ideal and unprofitable reality” and you will be frustrated.

If you choose a niche that you are interested in, such as “I like it / I want to learn from now on”, you can continue without difficulty, and you will be able to improve your expertise in the process of working on it, so it will be easy to eventually lead to monetization!

3: Is there a market?

After narrowing down the topics from (1) and (2) above, finally check the search volume of the keywords of the niche to check “whether there is a market. It is also most important to check the latest trends related to the niche.

Because even if you keep writing articles in a your selected niche, where the market is very low or not enough, you can not get best resluts because there are low volume traffic.

For example, if you select the topic “affiliate” and write an article, the search volumes for the keyword “affiliate” is about “100,000”.

By looking up the “number of search volumes for the keyword you are working on” in this way, you can judge “is there a market?”!

It’s just my feeling, but based on my own experience, I have created a guideline for the market size for each search volume, so please refer to it!

Market By Volume

  • 100-1000: Very Low
  • 1000-10,000: Small
  • 10,000-100,000: Large
  • 100,000 to 1,000,000: Very large

4 Ways to choose Niche for Affiliate Marketing

affiliate niche

However, I think there are still many people who say, “The niche has not been decided …”.

So, here are four tips for choosing a niche!

  1. Choose a familiar niche
  2. Choose a topic with a high contract rate
  3. Choose a topic with a high unit price
  4. Choose a topic that has just appeared

1: Choose a familiar niche

First of all, it is recommended to choose the following genres that are familiar to you!

  • Category that you are interested in
  • Topics that were worried or troubled in the past
  • The topic you are experiencing at work

The niche that you are interested in are easy to continue, so your specialty will naturally increase.

And the higher the specialty, the higher the quality of the article, and it is easy to create a flow in which visit increases and you can earn money .

If you are worried that “there is no topic that you can demonstrate your expertise in …”, please start with a topic that is familiar to you!

2: Select a topic with a high contract rate

If you say, “There is no topic that you can demonstrate your expertise in, and there is no topic that you are familiar with …”, it is recommended to choose a niche that has a low price but a high contract rate !

This is because idea with a high contract rate are easy to produce results, so you can learn the experience and know-how to earn.

It is easy to maintain motivation if you accumulate successful earning experiences, and if you can accumulate know-how, you can use it even in topic with high reward unit prices, so it will be easier to monetize!

3: Select a topic with a high reward unit price

If you want to make money with a lot of reward units, there is a lot of competition for corporate websites. It’s hard to get to the top with search terms that people often use.

A keyword that has a low search volume and a lot of words in it.

From the perspective of corporate websites, long tail keywords tend to be avoided because they are judged to be inefficient because they are searched less frequently.

For long tail keywords, please refer to the following to deepen your understanding!

4: Select the topic that just appeared

In the other direction, you should look for new topics.

The new topic starts at the same place for everyone, no matter who or what they are. Individuals can also easily win in this area.

It’s been a lot more popular since the government lifted the ban on “side businesses” back in 2018.

There were few people competing with each other at the time, so a lot of bloggers were winning on their own because there were few people to compete with.

Opportunity to select affiliate Niche

It took a long time for companies to act because they are groups of people. In 2020, corporate websites started to take off in earnest.

So, in new genres, even people can win if they get more experience!

Very Low Volume Niche/Topics

Here are the top selected topics listed below,

  • Video distribution service
  • E-book
  • English conversation school
  • Cosmetics
  • Marriage / romance

Large Volume Niche/Topics

  • Jobs
  • Programming school
  • Water server
  • Internet line
  • Hair growth / hair growth / hair loss
  • Cryptocurrency

Very Large Niche/Topic

  • Loan And Insurance
  • Credit card
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Pharmacist Career
  • Nurse career
  • Personal gym
  • Engineer career / freelance engineer
  • Dating agency

When you start running a blog, it’s not recommended to narrow down the affiliate niche too much.

Ii you want to know how to start a blog! For those who really want to get started, here is the link you can check out for free.

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