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What is
Wapkiz is a free wapsite builder, where you can create your own free wapsite absolutely free. You don’t have to pay any charge for that as other hosting site.

With Html / Javascript And Plenty Of Tags Code you can create any type of site.
But it’s best for music download site.

Lets see what can you do in wapkiz

Multi Site
You can create multiple sites (maximum 5 sites/account) by only registering yourself in one account and each site has its own separate control panel.

Html / Code tags
By supporting html writing and supported by writing code tags as commands or programs you can make your site sophisticated and automatic without writing as much code or pages as a php site.

Java Script
You can create JavaScript and jQuery files.

File Manager
There is a File Manager in every site to store your files.
All types of files you can upload and save and then display using code tags, quite easy and simple.


Manage items / elements
All types of items such as html code, links, text, pages etc. will be easier to manage with the features of edit, delete, copy, move up and move down. So you can create the site as you wish.

Site presets
Wapkiz included some preset/templates also.

You can create huge number of sitemap and manage them.

Your parent domain will like this –

Also you can choose your parent domain from the domain boxlist. There are several domain list of wapkiz (eg., etc)

You can add your premium domains too, absolutely free.

Creating a forum/blog site is also available.

So, Building an website in wapkiz is totally free and easy.






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    Featured file plz give

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      for feature file list code Click Here

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