WapKiz | Add Banner Ads Between Files in Filelist

Add Banner Ads in filelist to increase your earnings. There are many advertisement sites which provides banner ads. Adding the banner ads between files you can earn more.

See Demo: http://wapmash2.wapkiz.com/page-category/1/unplugged-song/idn/10/1.html

Check the below tags/codes and follow the steps to add banner ads between files on your site.

This function, adding banner ads between files is made by “WapMash.xyz“. So, If you got any error when adding the feature or you need advanced function, Please comment below or Contact Us .

So, Lets Start..

Use the below Formula to customize the position of banner ads in filelist.



X = Number after the ads will display (eg. X=4 will display the ads after 4 files from the top of the filelist of every page).

As you can see below image, ads displaying after four files.

Y = Number of files per page. (eg. Y=10)

Set this number as default number of files in filelist (which defined by parameter “l” in filelist), otherwise ad will not display. If your filelist is set to l=10, then you must set the value of Y to 10.

Z = Variable Page number.

This is a variable tag which you are using in your filelist. This can be get-varible or url-variable. [check “s” parameter in your filelist. This could be get-varible (like s=:to-page:) or url-variable (like s=:url-4:) or something like s=:url-4(:to-page:):].

If, it’s like s=:to-page:, then use :to-page: at Z.

If, it’s like s=:url-4:, then use :url-4: at Z.

So, Your Formula will




So, Now go to Meta Header and paste the below tag (Add the right tag from the below two tags)




Now go to filelist/category page and insert the below tag..

Insert the below tag just before the [/fm] and submit.

(if %sn%=:v1:ads:)BANNER-AD-CODE(/if)


(if %sn%=:v1:ads:)BANNER-AD-CODE(/if)[/fm]

Now, Your ad will display on every page in filelists.

I hope, you can successfully add the function.

If you are facing any problem please comment below.






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