Add a comment box on wapkiz file download page

This comment box will help users to send their reviews, can share their opinion of the file.



Just adding a simple code in your download page you can make the comment box.

Note: For the below code your download page url structure should be as above.



h2{ color:#006699; background:rgb(221, 231, 241); border: 1px solid rgb(170, 187, 204); font-size: 110%; padding:5px; font-weight:bold}
.comments{margin:5px;text-align:center; }
.comment-msg{border-bottom:1px #ddd solid;padding:5px;text-align:left; }
.comment input[type=text]{border:1px #bbb solid;padding:5px;width:90%;max-width:350px;border-radius:3px; }
.comment textarea{border:1px #bbb solid;padding:5px;width:90%;max-width:350px;height:100px;border-radius:3px; }
.comment input[type=submit]{background:#f44336;color:#fff;font-weight:bold;border:0px;padding:5px;width:90%;max-width:350px;border-radius:3px; }

Add Html (Paste this code in your download page where you want to display the comment box)

<h2 align="center">Add Comment</h2>
<div class="comments">
  [blog_cmt]to=:url-1:,o=u,l=10,no=Be the first to comment||
  <div class="comment-msg">
  <div class="comment">
    <input type="text" name="blogcmt_name" placeholder="Your Name"><br/>
    <textarea name="blogcmt_text"></textarea><br/>

If you have any problem to create this comment box, please comment below.

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