Create a Subdomain with Custom Domain in Wapkiz

Worried about to create subdomain in wapkiz for your site?

Don’t worry ! You can create subdomain for your site 😊.

But How?

Follow the below steps to create subdomain.

You can create unlimited no of subdomains for your site 😉.

So, Lets Start…

Before getting started, purchase/get a domain from a domain registrar site. And connect your site to Cloudflare.

If you don’t know how to connect site to cloudflare Learn-> How to add cloudflare to your wapkiz site.

Step 1 – Login your CloudFlare account and select your site.


Step 2 – Click on DNS


Step 3 – Click on + Add record button


Step 4 – Fill the information as follows

  • Type: A
  • Name: Enter your subdomain name.
  • IPv4 address: (this was wapkiz’s ip when this post was created, please check wapkiz’s newsletter for current ip). Current Ip:


Step 5 – Click Save

Your DNS record will be added in the list.

New Subdomain created.


Step 6 – Now Login your wapkiz panel and add your subdomain.

Successfull! Your Subdomain created.

You can also add your subdomain to any other wapkiz site where your root domain is not located.

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