Fix ads.txt issues in AdSense for your Wapkiz Site

Hey, did you got an ads.txt warning message/notification in Adsense? And you don’t know how to fix this?

Don’t Worry! This topic is for “How to fix the ads.txt issue?”.

If you didn’t fix this issue you will lost your revenue!!

Follow The Steps šŸ‘‡

Note. These article is only for wapkiz users.

Fix ads.txt issues in AdSense for your Wapkiz Site

Step 1 – Sign In to your adsense account.

Step 2 – In the alert on your homepage, click FIX NOW.

Step 3 – ClickĀ Download to download ads.txt file.

Step 4 – Open the ads.txt file and copy the code (If you can’t open the file, please download a txt file reader application).

Step 5 – Now open your wapkiz panel and select Ads.txt File Maker

Step 6 – Paste the copied code and click save.

Done !

Note: It may take a few days for your changes to be reflected in AdSense.

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