How to create Custom Top File List in wapkiz

In wapkiz, you can create a filelist of Top Files. The selected files will show in a list.

You can create this list anywhere in your site.

So, How to create it?

You just need to add a parameter ( tpc=1 ) in FM code.

Copy this below code and paste it in your site.

[fm]d=all,o=u,l=10,tpc=1,no=No Top Files||
<div class="A2">
  <a href="/page-4/%id%/%lname%.html">

Yay ! You just created the filelist. Now you have to add Top Files in this list. Follow the below steps –

  1. Open File Manager.
  2. Find out the file (Top File) which you want to add to the list.
  3. Click on file “edit” as shown below

4. Next page, scroll down and check box “On” the “File show in Top Files Update or not” option and click on “edit” button.

Note. Follow the step to add multiple files in the list.


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