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Today I am sharing a blog code by which you can show the blogs posted today, last week and last month.

You can do this by just adding a parameter.

Add t parameter to the bloglist code.

  • t=day last posting today
  • t=week last posting this week
  • t=month last posting this month

Check the below examples —

Show Blogposts posted Today:

[blog]t=today,o=u,l=10,no=No Blog for today||%title%<br/>

Show Blogposts posted last week:

[blog]t=week,o=u,l=10,no=No Blog posted in last 7 days||%title%<br/>

Show Blogposts posted last month:

[blog]t=month,o=u,l=10,no=No Blog posted in last 30 days||%title%<br/>

Just add the above codes where you want to show blogposts.

Note: The above codes will display posts from the all bid. To display posts from a selected bid, add bid parameter in the code.

For example, If you want to display posts from forum bid, add bid=forum.

[blog]bid=forum,t=today,o=u,l=10,no=No Blog for today||%title%<br/>

Please comment below for any help. We will assist you.

Thank you.


  1. Sir you don’t usually share tutorials like before anymore, please I need more of your tutorials, because is really helpful and understanding.

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