Wapkiz Colorful Category List Code [Random Color]

Create a randomly changing colorful category list in your wapkiz site.



<div align="center">[fm_folder]d=all||<a href=":site_url:/page-category/%id%/%lname%/idn/10/1.html"><div class="hotcat" style="background: :v:color:">%name%</div></a>[/fm_folder]</div>


.hotcat {display:inline-block; padding:6px; color: #fff; font-weight:bold; border-radius:3px; margin:3px }
.hotcat:hover {opacity: 0.5 }

Add the css in CSS Theme under System and paste the code anywhere in your wapkiz site where you want to show category list.

Note: Change the url structure if you need.

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