Wapkiz New Links Merging Template by WapMash

Hello guys,

After a long time we came up with a new wapkiz template.

This template will help you if you are a file sharer and you host your files in different file hosting website. Then You don’t need to share your multiple file links multiple times. Just add them with a simple rules to create buttons and it will converted to a link, and just share the link to anyone and it will included with all the links you added.

This script is already available in php and to run a php site you need to purchase hosting, Right? So, I made this template in wapkiz for you, if you can’t effort to purchase a hosting. Wapkiz is a free amazing wap-builder website where you can start/run your own site absolutely free.

Take a look at the below pictures, how the links create, how it looks when it’s mereged.

To merge your links with buttons you need to follow below instruction


Example: [a=http://example.com]Button Name[/a]

You can add as many as you want.

You can manage your created links at any time, you just need a account.

This template is not very much good like php script but I tried very hard to make it like php and I wish you will like it.

If you have any questions please comment below. We are happy to help you..

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