Wapkiz Related Blog Post Code [Tutorial & Setup]

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To add Related Posts on your wapkiz site you just need to add two simple codes. One is in your meta header and other on your post/article page.

  1. The meta header code will generate category name and help to display related post from the same category.
  2. And the post/article page code will show related post.

First Step

Go to Meta Header and insert the below code


Parameter to variable value must be same with your blog post’s parameter.

Second Step

Now go to the post/article page and add below code where you want to display related posts.

[blog]bid=forum,cat=:v1:cat:,o=u,l=5,no=Sorry! No related posts found||<div><a href="/page-forum/%id%/%title%">%title%</a></div>[/blog]

Change bid name with your own blog bid name.

If you need any help please comment below. Thank you..

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