What is PageRank? How it affects your search ranking

PageRank is one of the search engine countermeasure metrics originally released by Google. Although it is no longer accessible, it does not mean that it is no longer beneficial as an SEO technique.

In this article, We will introduce the meaning of page rank, page rank as an SEO measure, and how to check the page rank of your company’s site.

Page rank is one of the criteria used to judge Google’s search ranking.

Pagerank SEO Analysis
Pagerank Analysis

PageRank is one of the criteria used to determine Google’s search ranking. Google has more than 200 criteria in determining which sites are ranked high in search. Page rank is one of the criteria.

Page rank ranks pages according to “where and how many links are received” and “how high the quality of linked sites is”.

Simply put

  • Sites that get links from other web pages are beneficial to search users
  • Sites that are highly relevant and get links from good quality sites are of good quality

We rank websites based on this idea.

Ranking is closer to the idea that “the more often cited papers are, the better the papers”, rather than the popularity polls of idols and game characters.

Is it easy to be displayed at the top of the search if the page rank is high?

Page rank is just one of the criteria that determines the search ranking. It’s not a shame, but the higher the page rank, the higher the search.

Until around 2011, when Black Hat SEO was accepted, the more links you received, the easier it was to be displayed at the top, and the page rank and the ranking of search results were clearly linked, but now with the update of Google’s algorithm, the effect is effective. It’s getting thinner.

Other criteria such as “PageRank + Specialty + Originality etc.” are becoming more important, and focusing solely on raising the PageRank is cost-effective .


  • The more good links, the higher the page rank
  • Links that correspond to spam are subject to a penalty

Is the idea.

I will explain in detail about “good quality links” and “links that correspond to spam”.

Good quality links are high quality and highly relevant links.

A good link is a “high quality and relevant link” . ( From Google Search Central SEO Link schemes for advanced users )

These are some of the high quality and relevant criteria.

  • Original: We are dealing with content that is original and cannot be seen anywhere else.
  • Highly specialized: Highly specialized and accurate, such as writing and supervising by experts
  • New information: Old information is updated and updated
  • Sufficient quality and quantity of main content: We have enough content to meet user needs
  • Does not violate Google guidelines
  • The purpose of the page is clear and the content is in line with the purpose
  • The reputation of publishers and content creators is good
  • Highly relevant: The topics covered by the linking side and the linking side are the same or similar.

Basically, it is operated according to the Google Search Quality Evaluation Guidelines, and links from high quality websites are recognized as “high quality and highly relevant links”.

It is advantageous if the page rank of the link source page is high

The higher the page rank of the website that sends the link to your website, the higher the page rank increase rate .

Websites with a high page rank are linked = reliable links and provide useful information to readers.

It means that you can think of it.

For example, even with the same web consultant

  • Web consultant introduced by a trusted acquaintance
  • Web consultant just together in a coworking space

Then, the first impression is different. When you have to ask for a consultant without a meeting, many people will ask someone who has been introduced by a trusted acquaintance.

In the same way, Google also judges that “it is reliable because a reliable (= high page rank) person is introduced (= has a link)”.

Links that correspond to spam adversely affect page rank

These are some of the spam linking behaviors that are likely to adversely affect your page rank .

  • Buy Link: Buy or sell the link itself or a post containing the link
  • Reciprocal links: Excessive link exchange / reciprocal links Links from irrelevant sites for the purpose
  • Anchor text packed with excessive keywords
  • Mandatory link installation for service users
  • Automatic link creation to your site by automation program etc.


These techniques were once called Black Hat SEO. Previously, low-quality sites that shouldn’t be in the top of the search were able to move up the page rank and stay in the top of the search due to the link measures of Black Hat SEO.

These linking measures have been addressed by Google’s search algorithm update as they continue to be inconvenient for search users, and are now dangerous measures with potential penalties.

About the relationship between PageRank and nofollow

PageRank no follow Link building  SOE
PageRank nofolow link (SEO)

PageRank can be improved by having other websites send you high quality and relevant links. If you send a link from the site you run, you can also contribute to increasing the page rank of the destination site.

However, when operating a website, there are situations where “I will post a link because there is information that is not available on the site I operate, but I do not want to help raise the page rank.” It may also say, “I want to write a warning article to readers as a site that I can’t recommend, but I don’t want to divide the page rank rating into sites that I can’t recommend by putting a link.”

The attribute that can be used in such cases is “no follow”. You can prevent Google crawlers from following the link by attaching the nofollow attribute to individual links. You don’t have to give the PageRank rating to anyone else.

Google Search Central also says “Tell Google about external link relationships”.

Use the nofollow value if the link doesn’t have any other good value and you don’t want to associate the link with the site, or if you don’t want the linked page to be crawled from the site.

PageRank nofollow Link Building example

By the way, even the homepages of organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Association that post links of member companies like mutual links may use nofollow to link to the websites of member companies.

Especially in the case of tourism organizations, there is a high possibility that nofollow will be added because it will be inconvenient for customers who look up tourism information if it is not displayed higher than the member’s tourism-related companies.

A paid tool can check the managing site’s Pagerank

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Moz



There are two Ahrefs page rank indicators: UR (URL rating) and DR (domain rating).

URL ratings are measured at the web page level. Please note that domain ratings are measured on a domain-by-domain basis.

What is UR (URL rating)?

The URL rating is an index related to the quantity and quality of internal links and backlinks on a page. It is expressed as a number from 0 to 100, and the higher the number, the higher the page rank.

At Hrefs, we use this as an index when measuring UR.

What is DR (domain rating)?

Domain rating is a measure of the authority of your website.

  • Written by an expert
  • The official website of the company

Sites that meet these conditions are called website authoritative sites, and DR is a quantification of the website’s authority. In general, sites that occupy the top of search results have high DR values, and sites with low DR values ​​need to operate sites focusing on specific genres and words in order to dig into the top of search results. It requires a strategy different from that of major sites.



An alternative indicator of Moz’s PageRank is DA (Domain Authority).

What is DA (Domain Authority)?

Domain authority is a measure of your reputation for a domain. PageRank is a page-by-page indicator, so it’s a slightly different indicator than PageRank.

It is indexed by a numerical value from 0 to 100, and the evaluation criteria are made with reference to Google’s algorithm.

  • Number of external links
  • Link source reliability
  • Link source expertise
  • The authority of the link source

There is a difference between page unit and domain unit, but it can be treated as an alternative index for page rank.

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As you can see, it is efficient to increase the number of links naturally while using Social Media marketing etc. for PageRank with low risk of penalty.

Page rank is not the only key to high-ranking display, but by being aware of it during the normal operation stage, shares and links will gradually increase.

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